Why Choose Us as your No1 Locksmiths.

We started in 1983 specialising in all safes, domestic, commercial and car locks giving us decades of experience in this field. Our services are provided to most major brands within South African borders. We Install all types of locks from standard to electronic systems.

We also have 4 mobile locksmith teams that provide a 24 hour emergency locksmithing service and 3 in store locksmiths to deal with any issues during business hours. All of our locksmiths are fully qualified and have many years of experience on their field.

We only use reputable, international suppliers for our locks and key blanks, including B & B locksmith Distributors,

Kempton Lock is a service-orientated group that consists of an exceptional team. Our team is dedicated to
provide the best service. As our trade allows us access to valuables and valuable information, we have to uphold our
reputation of Honesty, Respect and Security. Honesty, respect and security are the backbone of our trade.

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